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These V6 engines are renowned for defective timing chains. That dreaded rattle at idle or a random check engine light could be the tell-tale signs that the factory chains have stretched. Prolonging the replacement of these chains could potentially lead to severe engine damage including bent valves, damaged pistons or worst case, an engine replacement.

Here at Mace Engineering we're dedicated to providing exceptional service and quality parts, therefore we have used our sought after engineering expertise to develop a kit using components of high calibre. To ensure that our customers are receiving the most reliable timing chain kit in the market, these aftermarket kits are manufactured by Schaeffler Automotive in Germany, a renowned brand (INA) for supplying Genuine kits. These kits possess enhanced durability and strength characteristics to comfortably take the shock loading of everyday driving while the superior guides and tensioners firmly hold them in place.

These kits are backed up by an industry leading 3 year/100,000km product replacement and 1 year labor cost warranties (only applicable to kits that are inclusive of gears). Worn out gears will considerably reduce the life of the chains, therefore we only offer a 12-month/20,000km product replacement warranty to kits without idler gears.



  • 1 X Chain assembly lube
  • 1 X High strength steel timing chain guide
  • 1 X Premium timing cover gasket kit
  • 1 X Crankshaft gear
  • 2 X Idler gear
  • 3 X Improved production timing chain
  • 3 X Heavy duty timing chain tensioner
  • 5 X Precision timing chain guide

Vehicle Fitment Guide



There may be a discrepancy for vehicles built on dates that borderline the change-over of the design of the timing chain. We cannot guarantee what kit you require if this applies to your vehicle. You can confirm by removing one of the cam covers and inspecting the chains that run over the cam gears.



Once assembled, the timing chain tensioners need to be fully released to maintain adequate tension. Simply pulling the pins is not enough. All tensioners must be pressed in by hand for the internal mechanism to fully pop out and operate effectively. Following this, the motor is to be rotated by hand one full revolution in a clockwise direction to ensure all parts have been fitted correctly. Failing to follow these steps will result in a noisy timing chain upon start up and will require the motor to be disassembled again to access the tensioners.



  • A Timing chain kit without idler and crankshaft gears can be purchased through another listing.
  • A detailed fitting guide is available through the fitting instructions menu.

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